Cafe Bar Corte

WORK » Coffee/Bar/Restaurants

1997 - Glyfada

Cafe Bar Corte The basic intention for the cafe under design was the differentiation of its image since in the particular area there exist alongside each other six very similar types of cafes. Such spaces should appear as warm and hospitable even with the presence of few customers. We thus preferred the use of wood, old compact brick, copper and treated glass in a material synthesis of natural earth tones, which predispose the visitor, and are suitable to a place as such for coffee, drinks, food and music at all times of day. Copper was employed serving in some instances as a framework for vertical wooden surfaces, and in others as a treated material for supports, reinforcement or cladding or even taking on specially designed form as light fixtures that were required for the lighting of the space. The objective was the usage of a type of metal that could coexist harmoniously with wood and brick in natural earth tones. Furthermore we believe that the unlimited potential of this noble metal surpasses it’s typically known implementations in architecture and can yield morphological and aesthetically optimum results in internal spaces as was ultimately achieved in our attempt.

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