The professional practice of the architectural firm “D. Boukouras and Associates” began in 1985 with the design and supervision of residential, retail- corporate projects and industrial design projects (furniture, lighting, art-visual design). Over several years the practice established a reputation, specializing in the category of hospitality/recreation with distinguished examples of design projects and constructions in Athens as well as other locations across Greece. Since 1994 professional activity was extended to the areas of Central Greece with a second office based in Arachova, including renovations of existing traditional housing, specially constructed buildings and settlement planning. Recently the practice became involved in the construction and development of housing complexes within the historic context of the settlements Delfi, and Arachova. Emphasis on the specific requirements of each project, absolute surveillance of all phases of the construction and design process, consideration of timetables and budget, complete digital representation, and building science are all contributing factors to the realization of each project by contemporary building means, resulting in the expression of each project’s architectural identity.